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Adhesive Transfer Tape

Adhesive Transfer Tape

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There are several options in transfer tape depending on the item you are working with. Be sure to double check that you are purchasing the correct transfer material for the project you are needing transferred.  Adhesive transfer tape will melt on a heat press.

Adhesive Transfer

Niche Transfer Tape allows you to finish any project with ease and confidence. This paper transfer tape has all of the attributes expected from a quality transfer tape, including: 

  • Unwinds and tears cleanly
  • Transfers smoothly
  • No left-over adhesive residue
  • Adhering to exposed liner, keeping the liner and vinyl flat for extended periods of time

It will eliminate any concern of de-lamination so that you may ship, store or apply your vinyl at your own pace!

Options: 12x24" Opaque, 12x30ft Roll Grid, 12x30ft Roll Clear

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