Custom Work

Niche Creative Studio loves to help show others how to create, but sometimes there just isn't time in your schedule. We offer some amazing custom work and ship all over the country, every day! Contact us for more information, custom quotes, and any questions!

  • Custom T-Shirts

    Going on a cruise? Having a special Party? Whether your looking to do one custom shirt or a group of custom shirts, we can help you get it done. To send us your design, email a png or svg file to:

  • Memory Pillows

    Pillows range from $30-$40 and are approximately 16"x16".  This is a great way to preserve the memory of your loved ones for yourself or other family members. Embroidery and other personalization’s are an additional fee. Pillows are approximately 16"x16".

    No collar pillows - $30

    Collared pillows - $35

    with Suspenders and add-ons - $40

  • Memory T-Shirt Quilts

    Memory Quilts are priced per square. The squares are approximately 16"x16". The Ragged-edge quilts are $10/square and the traditional quilts are $12/square with additional pricing for items like uniforms, jerseys, jackets, sweatshirts, graduation gowns, etc. Price includes quilt backing material.

  • Baby quilts

    They are priced per square, with additional pricing for items like bibs, hats, etc. Price includes everything plus your choice of quilt backing, border, and binding material. Please pre-wash all your items before sending.

  • Memory Stuffed Animals

    A special gift for a little one is creating a stuffed animal out of a special article of clothing or for you a stuffed animal out of onesie or child's clothing. 

    Pricing starts at $65.

  • Monogramming/Applique

    We are excited to now offer custom embroidery. Bring your quilts, shirts or other items by and let us put a beautiful name, monogram or applique on them. You can also order onesies and shirts with custom appliques on them as well.

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