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Metalized Adhesive Vinyl

Metalized Adhesive Vinyl

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This line of matte adhesive vinyl provide you with a unique metalized look in vibrant colors with a high-end matte finish. These Luster Films can be easily cut and applied allowing you to turn any flat surface into a work of art.

  • Physical Properties: 3.2 mil calendered heavy metal film with permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Resistance: Resistance to mild alkalies and acids, most petroleum based greases, oils and salt spray.
  • Service Temperature: 60F - 200F
  • Heat Shrinkage (24hr. at 150F): .02
  • Outdoor durability (When properly applied, vertical exposure, non-printed): Up to 5 Years

        Additional Instructions

        1. Cut image in Right Reading
        2. Weed Material
        3. Squeegee Transfer Mask Over Image
        4. Remove the white backing (Images will stick to the Transfer Mask)
        5. Squeegee Images onto Surface
        6. Remove Transfer Mask
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