Let's get SHINY: Using Foil HTV

Let's get SHINY: Using Foil HTV

Here at Niche Creative Studio we offer several different types of heat transfer vinyl for your crafting pleasure. Foil HTV is a specialty vinyl that can be used to add a special SHINE to your vinyl project. We have two types of foil currently in the studio that we will talk about today and explain how to use.



The first is the original that we have in stock: the 2 step (crown) foil. This product comes in an array of solid colors and prints. It is very lightweight, striking in color, and easy to use.

Step 1 - Create your design and make sure to mirror the design before cutting. Adjust cut setting to Heat Transfer (Smooth) if using a silhouette. For other machines choose smooth HTV setting. Place your clear adhesive sheet on your mat, shiny side down. Load your mat into your machine. Once, its done cutting, unload your mat from your machine. Remove the adhesive sheet from the mat and weed your design.  Place your weeded design down on your garment, shiny side up and be sure to center it on the item.  Heat press your garment at 315 degrees for 15 seconds with light pressure. You want light pressure so you don't over press the glue and spread it out too much.  After pressing, remove your item from the press to prevent burns. Peel the clear carrier sheet off while hot.

Now Step 2- Lay your foil sheet on top of the clear adhesive, shiny/printed side up. Heat press at 275 degrees for 15 seconds at a medium pressure. Let garment cool all the way down. Once completely cool, remove foil sheet. If you notice some spots where the foil didn't stick, just lay the unused portion of the foil sheet on the design and press again and Voila! If you have some leftover foil save the rest for your next project.  2 Step foil is known for a more distressed look.

one step foil.jpg


1 Step foil is the 2nd option that we offer and comes in several solid colors. You may be a little more familiar with the usage if you have used Easyweed Siser or other solid HTV before. Its basically the same method to cut. Place the shiny side down on the mat. You can cut the material using cut settings for Heat Transfer Smooth. Once cut you can place on the blank of your choice. The Heat settings should be set at 305 degrees and can be applied with light pressure once to achieve the mirrored look. For a grainy, hammered look just press the garment twice with firm pressure and VOILA! 

Now you are ready to shine on with your foil! Visit our store to see all the foil options your heart desires.

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