All the feels with flocked

All the feels with flocked

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Let’s delve into the world of flocked vinyl. Don’t sleep on this fuzzy material because it can work wonders on a project.  It is a great choice of vinyl to use on shirts to accentuate an animal or great to use on a beach towel (ahem Graduation & Summer are around the corner). Flocked is thicker so it presses well on the texture of towels. Plus it’s soft so it doesn’t feel funny on a towel when you are using it.  If you would like to create a more professional looking hat by adding a company logo to it then Flocked is the way to go.  It adds a raised richness and texture to any design you choose. You can also add different levels by layering other types with flocked vinyl i.e. foil, glitter, or just sticking with another color of flocked.

How to use:

After creating your design, set your cut settings to Heat Transfer Flocked or you can use your Glitter Setting. I would suggest to use  the test cut  to ensure the right depth. Weed the excess material then preheat your heat press to  320 degrees. This is another cold peel vinyl so let your garment completely cool before trying to remove transfer paper.

There you have it a beautifully textured piece of art that I am sure you will be touching constantly to feel the fuzz!

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